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Always thought about investing online, wanted to trade currencies, buy stock or gold and were scared off by the complexity or high cost of starting? Trading online is much easier than you may think and eToro offers a secure and social environment in which anyone can learn to trade, follow and copy other traders as well as chat and share information. Sign up is free with no obligation to make a deposit and you can make a quick start with no money by opening a Virtual Portfolio and 'copying' other traders. The copy trading feature of eToro means that even if you have very little experience you can see what other traders are doing, follow them as well as copy their trades. If they profit then you will profit, helping you to make money as well as learn how to trade easily without having to read or do a lot of tutorials.

There are many other benefits to starting to trade with eToro and should you become a Popular Investor with other traders copying you, you can earn money on a monthly basis. There are also regular promotions and if you have friends to refer you can also earn credits when they sign up and make a deposit.

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Many people may have already tried trading online and not enjoyed it due to it being very complicated and not very much fun. eToro offers a different experience and allows you to chat with other traders on market walls to get more information and different insights. This not only helps you better enjoy your trading experience, it also helps you learn and get different perspectives before making a trade. There are also apps available for popular mobile devices if you prefer to trade whilst on the go, at work or on holiday.

Though eToro offers a social aspect to trading online the platform is a secure and safe way to trade and there is no obligation to make a deposit when you sign up. If you are successful you can earn a salary by trading on the network and offering a range of different options for trading there is something for just about everyone. Whether you would like to trade stocks on the New York or London Stock Exchange or perhaps would prefer to trade ETFs, commodities, indices or currencies it really couldn't be easier. Don't forget you can start with a Virtual Account and no risk of losing any money, get more information or sign up now visit -

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Why choose eToro?
  • Trade the NYSE - New York Stock Exchange
  • Trade the LSE - London Stock Exchange
  • Trade the DAX - Frankfurt Stock Exchange
  • Trade the CAC 40 - Paris Stock Exchange
  • Trade the IBEX 35 - Madrid Stock Exchange
  • Trade the FTSE MIB - Milan Stock Exchange
  • Trade the NASDAQ
  • Trade ETFs
  • Trade Indices
  • Trade Commodities
  • Trade Currencies
Want to trade Apple (AAPL) ?
Ever wanted to invest in Apple stock online? With eToro you can trade a wide range of the stocks in different industries via CFDs (Contract for Difference). This means you can trade Apple and other stocks using leverage such as 1X / 2X / 5X giving you the ability to profit more easily by buying or selling. Why not start trading AAPL today visit -

Thought about buying Facebook (FB) ?
With the increase in prevalence of social media investing in companies like Facebook has become a good idea and eToro makes it easy for anyone wanting to trade Facebook shares online on it's own social platform. You can even share your posts and trades on eToro on Facebook. Got a lot of friends on Facebook who might be interested in trading? Get them to join and you could get extra credits to trade with if they make a deposit. Why not start trading FB today visit -

Interested in Bitcoin (BTC) ?
Want to invest in Bitcoin though were scared off by the complexity or where not sure how? eToro helps make it easy for you to trade Bitcoin as well as many other stocks, commodities like gold, silver and oil and much more. Don't be scared off by the complication and cost of starting to trade and invest online when you don't have to be, social trading can be easier than you think. Why not start trading BTC today visit -

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Trade the NYSE and LSE
Thought that trading the NYSE was out of your reach? eToro makes it easy for you to trade stocks on the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) as well as other stock exchanges around the world. You can trade the LSE (London Stock Exchange), the DAX (Frankfurt Stock Exchange), CAC 40 (Paris Stock Exchange), IBEX 35 (Madrid Stock Exchange) and FTSE MIB (Milan Stock Exchange) easily and there are stocks available across all industries. The list of stocks available is too long to mention though if you have ever thought about trading stocks online eToro is a great way to start.

Trade Currencies
Stocks not for you? Trading currencies may suit you better and if you are interested in making (or losing) money quickly then trading currencies is a popular choice of many people. There are a wide range of currency pairs available to trade on eToro including EUR/USD, GBP/JPY, USD/RUB, USD/HKD and many more. Not sure you have the ability to successfully trade currencies? Why not copy a trader who does, make a profit and learn at the same time.

Invest in Gold / Oil / Platinum
Prefer the idea of making money from buying or selling commodities? eToro makes it easy for you to invest in copper, gold, natural gas, oil, palladium, platinum and silver.

Trade Indices and ETFs
Other options for trading include indices such as the GER30, NSDQ100, DJ30 and more as well as a number of ETFs. All round if you are looking for a trading platform with a wide range of choices and features that includes an enjoyable social aspect then eToro has a lot to offer and as one of the leading trading platforms in the world you are guaranteed secure and simple trading with efficient service.

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Not sure and want to find out more about how eToro works before you sign up? Why not watch some videos to get an idea of you can benefit from becoming a part of one of the leading online trading platforms in the world. The videos can help you better understand the social aspect of the trading network as well as how CopyTrader works and how you can profit from trading online and have fun at the same time. If you prefer you can watch many more videos on the eToro YouTube Channel to help you understand almost every aspect of how it works and why you should join. Why not get more information or sign up today with no obligation to make a deposit -

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